As a student-athlete, or a parent of a student-athlete, it helps to know that others have gone before you and achieved the same success your looking for! That success will be realized here at ViewMySport!  Read through what others have to say and enjoy confidence in knowing VMS is the right choice for you!

It is our pleasure to recommend the recruiting services of ViewMySport to you. During the past year, our family has worked directly with Roger Tillis, with networking, updating and effectively connecting our son, Dominic, to every college that had a football program fitting our son's academic and athletic needs. ViewMySport offers top-notch quality, service and affordability.  Across the board, we were ecstatic beyond words with their work. One part in particular illustrates their attention to detail and concern for academics and character, qualities in which they hold as very high standards for their members, and not just for their student members, but for parents as well.  We received one-on-one attention from Roger, who was always available to answer any and all questions we had, offering advice that became one of the most important building blocks when contacting coaches and colleges. We believe that their knowledge at VMS, understanding the needs and concerns of education regarding student-athletes led to our son's success. In the end, after several official visits from D1, D2 and D3 NCAA colleges, our son decided on accepting a scholarship offer from NCAA D2 SFU to play football and receive his education. We honestly feel those visits and offers would not have taken place if we had not been using ViewMySport. We highly recommend ViewMySport for all your recruiting needs. It truly was the best decision we ever made for our son's future!

David & Sharon - Oregon

"I was referred to ViewMySport and immediately received special treatment. I felt you took me under your wing and helped me understand the entire college recruiting process. I truly believe it is a wonderful tool to help a potential college athlete navigate through the process and contact the coaches. I had a hard time convincing my son that it was that easy, but you know kids never listen to their parents. I found it to be fun, once you put the initial time in to understand it and build the resume. Thanks so much!"

Cynthia - Florida

"Working with ViewMySport was unbelievable!  During a call with them getting some direction on sending my baseball resume out to some colleges, before we hung up, I already had 2 college coaches respond directly to me. It happened that quick!  One of the coaches was someone that I had tried to connect with using other means in the past, with no success!  ViewMySport is exactly what they say, AND MORE!  Thanks ViewMySport, for everything!"

Jake - FLorida
Outfielder - Class of 2017

"ViewMySport helped me to connect with college's that I had only dreamed about talking to.  They taught me first hand how to connect with and speak to a college coach.  ViewMySport definitely will get you going in the right direction and will have your back no matter what.  They're like part of the family, and it's great to have their support!"

Dalton - TN
Offensive Lineman - Class of 2016

"Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time or resources to help every one of my athletes pursue opportunities at the collegiate level, so many of them fell thru the crack.  Now, thanks to ViewMySport, we can give each athlete the attention and assistance they deserve!"

Coach Marc Sinclair - High School Basketball Coach - New Jersey

"Spencer has been accepted by Emerson College in Boston and is set for his lacrosse visit in January to decide on if he will sign.  The recruitment has been fantastic and it all started with a email thru ViewMySport.com and a follow up call with the coach.  18 months later, what started from a VMS "search and email" has landed him a big-time college lacrosse opportunity at a top-notch academic school! THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  We believe in the power of VMS!"

Jon - Florida

“Viewmysport.com is a tremendous tool for student athletes to market themselves to colleges!  The site is unbelievably easy to use and the information provided is well organized and extremely useful for the recruiting process.”

Coach John Dwyer - Head Volleyball Coach - Florida

"Thanks ViewMySport.com!  Because of your website, I was able to connect with and get a scholarship commitment for Football and Track & Field  from The Citadel.  I signed my letter on Feb 3rd!  Thanks again!"

Offensive Lineman / Shot Put

"As a high school basketball coach, my job is more than wins and losses.  For those student-athletes that want to continue playing basketball beyond high school, it is my job to do everything in my power to make that dream come true.  With ViewMySport.com as a partner, it makes my job so much easier.  It is a tool that is invaluable to a high school coach of any sport!  We are directly linked to ViewMySport.com, which allows our student-athletes to reach out and contact colleges of their choice with video right on the website.  THANK YOU to ViewMySport.com for being my "assistant coach."

Coach Scott Cooper - Head Basketball Coach - Florida

"ViewMySport.com has it all.  Getting our student-athletes connected to your website has been a fun and easy way to get their profiles out to the colleges.  ViewMySport.com has made my job easier as a coach and advocate of our student-athletes.  This is going to be a huge success!"

Coach Paul Darling - Head Basketball Coach - Wisconsin

"ViewMySport.com has been a great way for us to start building athletic resumes for our kids.  As parents, we weren’t really sure how to start compiling their statistics, photos, videos and academic achievements for college recruiters.  With ViewMySport.com, you have an easy to use format that takes you through each phase, step by step, until you end up with a fantastic Athlete Profile!  This site has everything you need to market your student-athlete to colleges across the country.  We also love the way viewmysport.com goes the extra mile in showcasing the hard work and sacrifices of student-athletes.  We recommend the site to every parent we know!"

David and Laura - Florida

"ViewMySport.com runs a great program that helps every kind of student-athlete!  I'd just like to take this opportunity to tell you I respect what you're doing and how you're helping kids and generations achieve a better way of life, while fulfilling their passion!  Thanks again for what you do and what you stand for!"

Izvor - Canada

"My son has decided to commit to the University of Louisiana - Lafayette, a Division 1 program, for a football scholarship!  I just wanted to thank you for this excellent and efficient service that allowed us to contact all of the colleges that he was interested in!  ViewMySport.com was a huge benefit and gave us the opportunity to have more options and feel confident in our decision of a lifetime!"

Angela - Florida

"AFFORDABLE!!! ViewMySport.com ROCKS!  Best site out there !  I sent my son's profile to multiple colleges in less then 1 hour!  I will tell ALL about how easy it was!  Thanks for all you guys do :)"

Jim - California

"ViewMySport.com is wonderful!  It's AFFORDABLE and now my college tuition is going to be PAID OFF!  I'm going to an awesome college which is extremely competitive and one of the top football schools in the country!  Thanks again ViewMySport.com!"

Defensive Lineman

"I just wanted to drop a quick line to say how much ViewMySport.com has helped my son to gain exposure! After setting up his page, within 2 weeks my son's high school coach has been contacted by 13 Division 1 Colleges! I appreciate the fact that VMS reached out to me when I was becoming so frustrated with the lack of recruitment for my son! They told me about how they could help with their online resources and we've been off and running every since!"

Wendy - Illinois

"ViewMySport.com is awesome!  I tell everyone about you and several of my son's friends in different sports have already signed up!  I expect that my son will be signing with a Division I football program next year and ViewMySport.com was very helpful!  We promote VMS all the time so that you continue to help young talent to get exposure!  Thank You Very Much!"

Terry - Kansas

"ViewMySport has come along at the perfect time! My son is a rising junior and plays football. He wanted a way to communicate his academic accomplishments, showcase his talent and reach a selective base of college recruiters quickly. We had discussed creating a personal website of some kind, but ViewMySport has provided the perfect tool for athletes desiring exposure in today's competitive market. With the help of ViewMySport, he was able to create his custom profile, adding personal information, photos and highlight video. It has already been sent out to schools of his choice! The technical staff was very attentive and supportive throughout the process. They exceeded our expectations - helping us every step of the way as we learned to navigate the site and add information. You will be impressed with their quick response time and personal touch! I highly recommend ViewMySport.com! Thank You!"

Sylvia - Florida

"We cancelled our other service and now solely use ViewMySport.com because we're getting better results! Parents, don't be mistaken or deceived into thinking a recruiter is going to "make it happen" because you are just setting your athlete up for failure and missed opportunities!"

Felicia - Oklahoma

"I've been offered and committed to Lake Superior State University for a track and field scholarship! Thanks to ViewMySport.com for providing service and assistance with my college recruiting! It is greatly appreciated by me, my family and coaches! Thanks Again!"

Runner / Hurdler
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